JM Cremps – An Adventure Store for Boys!

jm cremps store mall of america

There are boys in my backyard, boys in my kitchen, boys in my bathroom, boys doing school, and boys playing in their room…. There are boys everywhere in our home, and I love it! But as the only female in our house, I have to remind myself that little boys like to move and need a… 

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Room For More – How to Fit 6 Kids in One Room.

How to fit 6 beds in one room

About 4 months ago, I started Googling “How to fit 6 kids into one room” and came up with all kinds of crazy suggestions that included: Knocking down walls for elaborate built-in beds; Hand building multi-story bunk beds; Hanging tiered beds from ropes on the ceiling; and I even found one site that suggested garage storage racks!… 

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Our Halloween Alternative

Halloween Alternative Ideas - Eating with your hands!

Some of you are probably thinking right about now: “Oh, she’s one of THOSE moms who doesn’t let her kids celebrate Halloween… Her poor kids are missing out on all the fun!” But before you pass judgement, please read this post and then decide for yourself – I think you’d be surprised at how many of… 

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Welcome to the Family – Adoption Day!


Baby came earlier than expected… and nothing went as planned (which worked out perfectly!)  It was love at first sight!  Here’s some of our video footage sharing as much as we can from our 3rd adoption journey.  Now we begin the legal process which is a labor all in itself – I will share more… 

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