JM Cremps – An Adventure Store for Boys!

jm cremps store mall of america

There are boys in my backyard, boys in my kitchen, boys in my bathroom, boys doing school, and boys playing in their room…. There are boys everywhere in our home, and I love it! But as the only female in our house, I have to remind myself that little boys like to move and need a… 

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I made Rhett & Link’s Video!!


Apparently my YouTube SuperNote was impressive (more like ear piercing) enough for Rhett & Link to feature it on their latest Supernote Video (well, about .0002 seconds of it)… Still, I was a bit surprised to find my screaming face on their video the other day.  My oldest son was very impressed and treated me… 

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35 Seconds of Annoying Sound!


If you haven’t experienced your daily dose of a grown woman holding an annoying note for 35 seconds while riding a Ferris Wheel at the Maui County Fair… then this video is for you! Just for fun, our family decided to join the 2010 YouTube ‘Supernote’ contest which has YouTuber’s all over the world competing… 

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Homemade Playdough for Conspiracy Theorists

Squishy Fun for Less!

I’ve caught my son sneaking little bites of play-dough every now and then and it got me wondering ‘what the heck is in that anyway?’   The container says ‘non-toxic’, but if you’re a conspiracy theorist mom like me, you’re not entirely convinced it’s safe. Plus, if you haven’t noticed, name brand playdough isn’t cheap… and I was tired of buying container after container… 

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My Top 10 List of Pet Peeves

That means you too!

I’m sure my husband thinks I’m crazy (no news there), and I’m still not exactly sure why I do it:  But I keep a running list of my pet peeves on a notepad in our junk drawer.  Oftentimes something will strike me so offensive or frustrating, it seems fit to be noted for future reference.