Raw & Natural Fruit Roll-Ups Recipe

Natural Fruit Roll Up Recipe in VitaMix 01

I have 3 boys… which means not even 5 minutes after breakfast, they are pre-programed to start asking “Mommy, can we have a snack?” I swear you could feed them an entire cow and they’d be planning their next meal before the last bite is swallowed! Gosh how I love boys! =) Needless to say,… 

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Homemade Trail Mix Recipe

Homemade Trail Mix Recipe6

Sure it comes conveniently packaged in bags at Costco, or all ready to go in the bulk bin at your local supermarket… But let’s be honest, most of us don’t like at least one of the ingredients in the pre-made trail mix! Oh come now, you know you’ve eaten all the M&M’s out of the bag, and… 

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for All Ages

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe in the VitaMix

One of the top questions I receive on a regular basis is “What do you feed your family for breakfast?” Well, everyone in our family drinks the same smoothie for breakfast every day.  I start my kids on it when they are about 1 years old and we all drink exactly the same amount.  It… 

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Blessed Burritos – Divinely Delicious!

Blessed Burritos

Have you seen the prices on frozen burritos lately?  Especially the natural or ‘organic’ ones!!  Plus, they don’t always taste that great. Here’s a recipe for ‘Blessed Burritos’ that I know you’ll enjoy!  Just don’t forget to serve it with a delicious salad or a tall glass of ‘JimBob‘ juice! If you need to feed… 

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Veggie Stir Fry – Cheap, Easy & Healthy!

Tasty, Healthy & Cheap Eats!

This recipe is very easy and can be changed into a semi-’raw’ dish if you only stir-fry the noodles and put the raw veggies on top. This is the perfect recipe if you are transitioning to a raw food (or whole food) lifestyle.