Natural Hawaiian POG Recipe

Fresh Homemade Hawaiian POG Juice - 7

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, chances are you’ve been offered a delicious concoction called POG (which stands for Passion, Orange, & Guava). It’s typically offered on your airplane ride over and is often referred to as the ‘Official Drink of Hawaii.’   It is sold in every store here, and by the gallon at Costco…. 

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Natural Shamrock Shake Recipe – Dairy Free

Raw Shamrock Shake Recipe in the VitaMix

For a limited time each year, McDonalds comes out with their signature Shamrock Shake… a artificial green concoction with so many unhealthy ingredients I wouldn’t feed it to my (hypothetical) pet pig.  However, it must contain some mind-altering drug, because everyone and their mother seems to be walking around drinking one. Not wanting to be… 

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for All Ages

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe in the VitaMix

One of the top questions I receive on a regular basis is “What do you feed your family for breakfast?” Well, everyone in our family drinks the same smoothie for breakfast every day.  I start my kids on it when they are about 1 years old and we all drink exactly the same amount.  It… 

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3GOP Energy Drink & Cold Buster!

3GOP Natural Energy Drink Recipe

No, you don’t have to be a Republican to enjoy this recipe! =) Popular energy drinks are being consumed at an alarming rate… even children are being allowed to drink them and that can be dangerous!   Some of the drinks are even being touted as ‘natural’ but hide behind a veil of ingredients that are… 

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Move Over Jamba… It’s JimBob Juice in the VitaMix!

JimBob Juice

My kids have never had a Jamba Juice before… but they have had ‘JimBob’ Juice! (I know, I’m weird) Whoever says they can’t get their kids to eat greens hasn’t tried this juice… and it’s not just for kids! It might be hard to believe, but it’s so delicious! Feel free to send me any… 

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How to Make ‘Dirty Juice’ in a Vita-Mix

Dirty Juice in VitaMix

A lot of moms want to know how it’s possible to get the recommended daily allowance of fruits and veggies into their families diet… Well, here is a recipe and ‘how to’ video for one of my favorite ways. Ok, so there’s no dirt actually involved in the process – but since the end result… 

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