My Son WON the Trip to Disney World!!

I’m sorry if I just blew out your ear drums screaming, but we’re so exited over here!!!

He didn’t have the most votes, but I guess he had the gassiest video (proud mommy moment)… because the Judges voted & decided that our Son’s Tummy Truths video was the WINNER of an all expense paid vacation to Disney World!!!

If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, you can check out my earlier post ‘Please Vote for My Son Sam‘where I give the details of his entry in the Culturelle Tummy Truths Video Contest.

Yes, his video was about gas & explosions… LOL!  But that was kinda the whole point of this contest since Culturelle is the makers of Probiotics (good bacteria), and they wanted kids honesty about their Tummy Troubles.

Here’s the official announcement on Culturelle’s Facebook Page:

We got the phone call mid-morning on Monday while doing school.  I normally don’t pick up the phone during that time, but it was an out-of-state caller… When she identified herself, I wasn’t sure what to expect, then she said we won the Grand Prize and I honestly thought I would pass out!  We jumped around, screamed, cried happy tears, thanked the Lord for such a blessing & did the ‘happy dance’ all day!  Since we couldn’t keep our mind on school, we decided to all pile on the couch and check out the Disneyland & Disney World websites until the boys nearly burst from excitement!

My children have never been to Disneyland or World, so this will be a VERY special time for our family.  We’re looking forward to this time together & are SO grateful to Culturelle for the gift that will be remembered for a lifetime! =)

Thanks to those of you that voted and encouraged us along the way! Not sure when we will be able to go, but we will be sure to share some photos when we get back!



  1. Dawn Mahoney says


    I really enjoyed talking with you while doing our laundry the other day! We just returned home, and it is currently 32 degrees and freezing rain.

    I am really enjoying your website, and look forward to incorporating your recipes in to our meal plans. I will also forward your site to friends. I know a lot of people who have family members with special needs. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    Ballston Lake, NY

    • says

      Aloha Dawn!

      I absolutely enjoyed meeting you too! What a small world it is when Moms from across the globe can meet & chat while doing laundry in a DisneyWorld hotel! LOL! =) Perhaps some winter you’ll make it out here to Hawaii to defrost from those harsh NY winters. Let me know if you need tips on where to stay!

      God Bless & Stay Warm! =)
      ~ Erika

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