Where to Start

So many of the regular questions I receive begin with the words “Where do I start?”

Taking that first step towards something new can be the most difficult part of making a change in your life… sticking with it for the long haul is even harder.

I’d like to make this page full of tips, links and other helpful resources to help you get started – It’s going to be a work in progress, so please check back often and stick with me as I update this with answers to your great questions.

Here are some of the topics I get asked about most frequently:

  • Where to Start – Eating Healthier & Transitioning to a Raw/Whole Food Lifestyle
  • Where to Start – Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy
  • Where to Start – What Kitchen Tools Do I Really Need to Eat Healthy
  • Where to Start – Meal Planning & Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • Where to Start – Adoption/ Foster Care
  • Where to Start – Household Organization & Family Schedules

Hopefully you’ll find this site helpful for finding the encouragement you need to get started.

If there’s a question or topic you’d like me to consider, please contact me!


~ Erika