Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth It?

By now, you guys know that I live in Hawaii… and it’s no secret that shipping things over here can get expensive quick!

For several years I have been using who generously offers free shipping, even to Hawaii!  However, I always had to make sure my order was a minimum of $25 to qualify. About a year ago, I decided to give the Amazon Prime membership a try.

But is the Amazon Prime Membership REALLY worth it?


Here are my top 5 reasons that I kept it after the 30-day free trial:

  • Free upgrade to 2 Day Shipping with NO minimum order amount required on all eligible Amazon items (not third party items). This means I can send a $4 gift to my niece in North Carolina with free shipping anytime the mood strikes us (like the time she broke her first tooth and we sent her our favorite special teething feeder!).
  • I can share the membership benefits with up to 4 family members (so we can all send each other gifts at Christmas or Birthdays without breaking the bank).
  • Access to over 40,000 Instant Streaming Videos (like Netflix), with more being added all of the time.
  • Access to over 350,000 of free Kindle Book downloads & Amazon Kindle lending library. (great for us homeschoolers!)
  • Extra 20% off Subscribe & Save Items when I order 5 or more items in a month. I buy about 70% of all my dry & canned goods from Amazon, so this is a no-brainer for me. I have cut my grocery budget substantially this way… especially with Gluten Free & Grain Free cooking!

Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth It? YES!

Initially, I signed up for the 30-Day Free Trial, and by the end of it, we knew the $79 annual fee was worth it… just canceling our Netflix for the streaming videos paid for it.  Plus, the unlimited free shipping & deeper discounts on food would be worth it to us alone.

With Christmas right around the corner, it would be a great time to sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial to see how you like it… I’d love to hear what you guys think and if it’s worth it to you!


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    HI thanks for this post I’m considering getting amazon prime as well since I also live in hawaii. Most of the time I have to find 3rd party eligible sellers because amazon doesn’t like to ship to Hawaii PO boxes. Do you know if amazon prime allows hawaii po boxes?

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      Aloha Lloyd!

      Amazon Prime usually lets us ship to our PO Box… But if not, you have two choices: 1. Ship to your Physical Address or 2. Use a new service offered by the Post Office to accept packages from other carriers (FedEx, UPS, Etc) by using their physical address. All you have to do is go into your local post office where you PO Box is and sign a form allowing them to accept packages on your behalf. Then they will send you an email or put a slip in your box letting you know the package has arrived!

      Hope that helps! God Bless!

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