VitaMix vs Blendtec Review

I’d be a rich woman if I had a $1 for every time I answered this question!  So instead of repeating myself over and over, I decided it was long overdue to dedicate a post to this topic. =)

I have had the privilege of seeing both the Blendtec & VitaMix in action and also had to choose between the two when I purchased my VitaMix. There’s no doubt about it that the Blendtec is a slick looking machine, with a smaller profile.  The recent ads market it as more high tech, with more versatility than the VitaMix.  However, as someone who has used my VitaMix (on average) 3 times a day for the past 7+ years, I can give my honest top 5 reasons for choosing a VitaMix over the Blendtec (although the Blendtec takes a close 2nd!):

  1. Better, more efficient blades.  The VitaMix 4 pronged blades are designed to chop/crush/blend more efficiently. As a result, the VitaMix produces a far smoother blend and consistent end results.  I’m still on my original blades and it doesn’t miss a beat! (the amusing & popular ‘Will It Blend’ campaign that Blendtec runs can be very deceiving and have been exposed as such – plus, who is really going to blend their iPhone anytime soon?).
  2. Better, longer warranty (7 years vs 3 years) and the customer service is outstanding! The VitaMix is all US based and has been around a lot longer – my grandparents had one!. I’ve had to send my VitaMix in for maintenance once, and even though I’m in Hawaii, they send me pre-paid FedEx shipping labels and fixed it in 2 days!  Update: I’ve been told that the Blendtec may also offer a 7 year warranty when purchased direct, but I couldn’t verify that on their website.
  3. I love that I can manually control the speed of the VitaMix – You have full control over the variable speeds on a VitaMix without having to press buttons to adjust it – the knobs provide a smoother transition between speeds in my opinion without skipping a beat. I have a degree in computers, so the fancy Blendtec technology intrigues me – but I also know that when you mix a vibrating machine with computer chips there’s a greater chance of the technology failing.
  4. Superior engineering – VitaMix has an overload protection built in… in the event that you should overheat or mis-use the machine, it will automatically stop to prevent damage to the machine. I’ve been fairly abusive to my VitaMix and I’ve only overloaded it once. Once I shifted the ingredients around, it turned right back on without me harming the motor.
  5. Ability to use the included ‘Tamper’… the VitaMix allows you to use a tamper in the event your smoothie, juice needs some help moving around. The Blendtec has to be stopped and started in between stirs, otherwise it doesn’t blend evenly – Plus if you stick anything into the blades, it could eat your favorite spoon.  The VitaMix Tamper is the icing on the cake for me… and ultimately becomes a major advantage over the Blendtec.

I should note that I do not have anything against the Blendtec  – I know many people who own one and ultimately, it takes 2nd place in my book.  This is just my honest comparison that will hopefully help you make a decision if you are having a hard time deciding between the two.  Both are a big investment in your attempt at a healthier lifestyle.  If there is something else I can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to ask! =)

If you want to find out more about the VitaMix, you can visit their website at   For free shipping, please enter Coupon Code:  06-004166  

For more info on the Blendtec, you can visit their website at

VitaMix vs Blendtec

** Just to clarify… VitaMix does not pay me to endorse their products, I just really love it that much!  But, if someone happens to buy one from the link on my website or use the coupon code, I get a small referral fee, which usually is just enough to help keep my website up.  Thanks! =)   **

~ Erika


  1. Bob says

    Hi Erika…. You said you wish Vita Mix would pay you to endorse your product? Do you get paid a commission when someone clicks on your link and buys because of your great website? :) You might consider rewording this, as I find this a bit shady… you are getting paid, every time someone buys from your site and enters your coupon code! Best of luck.

    • says

      Aloha Bob!

      Actually I do say that… if you look at the last paragraph of my review. It’s always been on my website, that way no one ever thinks I’m trying to be ‘shady’ as you put it. In fact, I can only use banner ads that are provided by the VitaMix that clearly identify me as an affiliate.

      VitaMix does not pay or compensate me in any way to endorse their product… and being an affiliate doesn’t guarantee any income. The affiliate program offers my friends online a way to help support the costs of keeping this website up and running if they’ve found my recipes and tutorials helpful…. and gives them free shipping to boot! =)

      The truth is, I would endorse the VitaMix without any monetary compensation and did so for several months before someone suggested I become an affiliate. But I wouldn’t quit my day job anytime soon, since I probably make about 2 cents an hour when I calculate the return on time invested here online. =) It truly is a labor of love!

      Thanks for the comment! God Bless!
      ~ Erika

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