If I Don’t, Who Will? A Glimpse of Foster Care

Hope for those in Foster Care

Foster Care. It’s an ugly word. Many are afraid to let their minds wander down the path of what really goes on… What it’s really like. However, it is often the very place where lonely children, needing real love, go to find a glimmer of hope & healing that can change their lives forever. Here… 

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Room For More – How to Fit 6 Kids in One Room.

How to fit 6 beds in one room

About 4 months ago, I started Googling “How to fit 6 kids into one room” and came up with all kinds of crazy suggestions that included: Knocking down walls for elaborate built-in beds; Hand building multi-story bunk beds; Hanging tiered beds from ropes on the ceiling; and I even found one site that suggested garage storage racks!… 

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Welcome to the Family – Adoption Day!


Baby came earlier than expected… and nothing went as planned (which worked out perfectly!)  It was love at first sight!  Here’s some of our video footage sharing as much as we can from our 3rd adoption journey.  Now we begin the legal process which is a labor all in itself – I will share more… 

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My First Quick Meeting with the Birthmother


Well, all that anticipation boiled down to just a couple short minutes of my first (in-person) meeting with the Birthmother. It didn’t go exactly as I had thought, but it went exactly as it was supposed to. Our next meeting may not be until October… but I’ll keep you posted! :) Don’t forget to subscribe… 

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Getting Ready to Meet the Birthmother for the First Time!


We’ve recently been presented with the possibility of adopting again. Each time it has been a different experience entirely!  This time around, the Birthmother and I have already been in contact with each other…  On this video, I share my thoughts as I prepare to meet her for the first time in person. Don’t forget… 

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I’m changing things up a bit! Food & Adoption!


Hi guys!  This is a video to tell you about some of the ways I’ll be switching up my videos & blog posts… Almost everything I’ve done up til now has been food related.  But I’ve been getting so many questions about Our Family & Adoption, that I wanted to warn my regular ‘Food’ subscribers… 

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