Vitamix on Sale – Free Shipping, Plus Prizes!

VitaMix Customer Appreciation Month

Once a year, Vitamix runs a Customer Appreciation Sale on their reconditioned machines.  This year, they are lowering the price to $299 on my favorite 5200 Model (aka the Standard Model) with a full 5-year Warranty!  Plus, they are letting you stack this with Free Shipping when you use my coupon code 06-004166 

And here’s the best part… Anyone who places an order for a reconditioned machine before the sale ends will automatically be entered to win one of several prizes:

  • 10 Vitamix Machines (If you buy a Vitamix and win, I believe they reimburse you for the cost of yours!)
  • 50 Extended Warranties (This bumps it from 5 to 7 years!)
  • 140 Smoothie Cups

This is an outstanding deal!  Even my younger sister couldn’t pass it up and bought her first Vitamix on Sale… She picked out the White Standard Model.  I can’t wait for her to get it!

The promotion starts now, and runs until February 28, 2014.

Other reconditioned models are on sale too – including the Standard Vitamix Programable… and of course the Free Shipping is applicable to any of the new products they sell as well.



  1. Joe says

    1st great site and video on vitamix – thanks!

    Second, I think reconditioned is only for US not Canada :(( so bummed out by that. I clicked on your link and it takes me to a homepage where no link to reconditioned exists. :(

    If I’m doing anything wrong, plz tell me.


    • says

      Hi Joe!

      I checked again, and I’m pretty sure you can order this deal in Canada too! Although the $299 is in US dollars, so I’m not sure how the Canadian dollar compares.

      Once you click on the link, navigate to Home> Shop Products > Certified Reconditioned Machines and your options should pop up.

      If that doesn’t work, you can always contact Vitamix directly and use the code 06-004166 for free shipping (or at least $25 toward the shipping costs – since I’m not sure if they offer the free shipping to Canada).

      Let me know if I can help & how it turns out for you!

      Thanks & God Bless!

  2. Joe says

    I gotta find a US address to ship it. :)

    After that, I’m getting the 7500, or Pro 300, same machine. everything like the pro 750 without the preset controls.

    Thank you Erika!

  3. Holly Hollis says

    Hello, thanks so much for your video. Which blender is on sale for $299? I live in the US and the cheapest one I see is $450? Thanks so much! If you could send a link where I can get the sale model that would be great!

    • says

      Hi Holly!

      The $299 Standard Model that is on sale can be found by clicking on the Vitamix link, then navigate to Home>> Shop Products >> Certified Reconditioned Machines and your options should pop up.

      If that doesn’t work, you can always contact Vitamix directly and use the code 06-004166 for free shipping.

      Let me know if I can help – you are going to love your Vitamix!! =)

      Thanks & God Bless!

  4. Steven says

    cool website :)

    I put in an order for a certified reconditioned Vitamix, and I used your free shipping code.
    But yea since I’m in British Columbia, Canada I placed the order via toll free number and I’m using a place in Sumas, Washington State that is right close to the border called Ship Happens ( ) who recently reduced there rates to $3.00 to accept your shipment.

    I’d like to share when we get our Vitamix in it’s two main purposes, and would like some advice/recipes/ideas from your site especially on the bulk sorta’ prep cooking side.

    My wife just went through a cancer fight over the past year and we have a pal going through it now. So the best thing we can do is support the cancer fighters with good, whole, nutritional meals. And my wife has been asked to make meals that can go from the freezer to a slow-cooker or meals that are just easier to cook.

    So can we message you for advice to do these meals in bulk to fully utilize a vitamix, to maximize savings, and to get ideas/inspiration on what too cook as well.

    Thanks, Steven.

    • says

      Hi Steven!

      Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you found a place in the US that can help with the shipping to Canada! You are going to love your Vitamix!

      I love to prepare in bulk and there’s several recipes on this site that you can easily double, triple or quadruple to save time & money. But, the additional beauty of the Vitamix is that you can prepare on the go and it’s so easy. =)

      Because of the volume of email I receive, I can’t always answer personal food messages – But I do try to regularly post ideas, recipes and reviews on the site that will hopefully help you along the way. I also try to respond to comments regularly – so feel free to post any questions you may have about a particular recipe and I’ll do my best to answer it.

      Thanks & God Bless!
      ~ Erika

  5. Steven says

    Hey Erika, that’s great!
    our main objective is to share, so any questions we have we’ll be sure to post for all to read.
    We’ll continue to browse your site and when we get some inspiration from your posts we’ll share how we used it.
    Thanks, Steven.

    ps: we received a red 7500 Vitamix, the color is sharp and it fits under our cupboard :) , and the blending ability Wowie! lol first smoothie we snuck (and packed in) handfuls of kale and spinach to a frozen mango, frozen blueberries, fresh ginger, greek yogurt smoothie that made all daughters quietly enjoy and promptly ask for more!

  6. Ashleigh says

    I just stumbled across your website, and so glad that I did! My grandmother is giving me a Vitmix and my husband and I are so excited! Making green smoothies in our OLD blender has been an adventure! I am so excited to finally be able to have a completely smooth drink! I am also looking forward to making all the other wonderful things! We are a whole food family and can’t wait for the Vitamix to find a home in our kitchen! Thank you for this website…I’m loving it!

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