Healthy Breakfast Smoothie for All Ages

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe in the VitaMix

One of the top questions I receive on a regular basis is “What do you feed your family for breakfast?” Well, everyone in our family drinks the same smoothie for breakfast every day.  I start my kids on it when they are about 1 years old and we all drink exactly the same amount.  It… 

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Monkey Muffins – Banana Bread with No Sugar or Oil!

Monkey Muffins Banana Bread

Ever wonder what to do with those ugly brown bananas that you’re getting ready to throw away?  This is the perfect whole food recipe for ‘Monkey Muffins’ (aka Banana Bread), using NO refined Sugar or Oil!!  Plus the ingredients are actually healthy for you and they taste so good! I always keep these mini-muffins on… 

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Natural Fruit Chips in Excalibur Dehydrator

Dried Fruit Chips for Dehydrator

Most store bought dehydrated fruit is soaked in sugar and preserved with sulfites… plus they’re outrageously expensive – YIKES! Making your own naturally dehydrated fruit is cheap and easier than you think, plus they taste like the real thing… because that’s exactly what they are!  Enjoy!