Nuts, Nuts, Nuts!  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you already know how nuts I am about!  But, after reading my last post about Trail Mix, I realized that I should really show you why I love them so much!

First off, all nuts & seeds are not created equal – some nuts are Raw (the way I like ’em); Soaked/Sprouted (even better & more digestible!); Toasted/Roasted (usually Dry or Oil Roasted – Dry is the way to go if you don’t do Raw or Sprouted); and even Flavored (but these can contain MSG – so watch out)!

Secondly, I like to know where my nuts & seeds come from! Some nuts are grown here in the US, some in Canada, some from China; and some from other countries I can’t pronounce.  Since the freshness of nuts & seeds is important (they can go rancid very quickly if not stored or transported properly), then this should REALLY be important if you want good Raw Nuts & Seeds to eat. even gives you the option to have everything shipped with a cold pack!

Lastly, sells so much more than fresh nuts & seeds… they sell all kinds of pantry items (like gluten free flours, pastas, beans, chocolates, powders, dried fruits, etc…).  It’s easy to get lost in all the items they have – thankfully they have easy navigation which lets you drill down to exactly what you need.

But what really keeps me coming back is the fun online & customer experience with – They are a family run business started in the 1920’s and have kept the family style in all of their humorous communication, their outstanding customer service; and their clever & convenient packaging.  Their loyal customers and hundreds of thousands of positive feedback speak for itself!

Here’s what my recent order looked like when I opened the box… It’s always so bright and cheery to me!  Also, notice the re-sealable packages each item comes it?

 They always give you the ingredient & nutritional information on the back of each re-sealable package!

 Here’s a close-up of the Trail Mix I made using the items I just got – I’ve never had a bad or rancid Nut or Seed!

My one complaint about them is that their shipping is a little high… I wish they had a system like (where I also buy a lot of my grocery items) when you place a minimum order, your shipping is Free.  And I’d also love to see a ‘Subscribe & Save’ option like Amazon where I can save even more, by buying on a regular basis.  Plus, there are a few items, I’d like to get in smaller quantities – but they’re only available in a larger size.

Bottom Line:  Best Nuts, Seeds & Customer Experience ever!  If you don’t have access to Fresh Nuts at a reasonable price near you – then give a try.  Even if you don’t buy from them, you should sign-up to get their newsletter – every couple of months they offer free shipping or a special deal, and have fantastic recipe ideas & more on their website!


~ Erika

P.S. After reading this over, I think I might be just a little too enthusiastic about Nuts… Guess that about sums me up!  Oh well, it’s the truth! =)


  1. 1st time customer of says

    I paid $8 and change for standard shipping, but that was for 5-6 lbs. Plus, it arrived the NEXT DAY! They really do an awesome job of getting orders shipped fast. I’m very impressed and will definitely order again.

    • says always blows me away with their lightning fast shipping! I’m glad you’ve had a good experience! =)
      God Bless!

  2. 1st time customer of says

    Actually, just checked again and it was 8 lbs., so about $1 per pound to ship. Not bad at all…

    • says

      I always try to max out how many pounds I can get in one shipment without increasing the shipping charges… for me that’s about 10 pounds. This usually brings the cost of the nuts under what I can get them locally for – and they’re so much fresher! Plus, keep your eyes peeled for the free shipping & free gift promos they offer every couple of months! =)

      God Bless!
      ~ Erika

  3. Jan says

    i’ve never thought about the quality of my nuts before. i usually purchase my nuts in bulk at costco, and now you have me wondering about where they were grown. then i get things at my whole foods in the bulk aisle. i’ll check out :)

    • says is great… if the source of the nuts isn’t listed, you can always call or email them and they respond immediately! =) God Bless! ~Erika

  4. says

    Thanks for the great review Erika. I own a snack food company called Nutsack Foods and I sell ultra-fresh roasted nuts too, just not as many at :) I’d love to send you some product for your review. I believe you will be impressed by the freshness and quality, and my take on ‘nut humor’. Contact me directly or through the website. Cheers, Bill

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