Move Over Jamba… It’s JimBob Juice in the VitaMix!

My kids have never had a Jamba Juice before… but they have had ‘JimBob’ Juice! (I know, I’m weird)

Whoever says they can’t get their kids to eat greens hasn’t tried this juice… and it’s not just for kids! It might be hard to believe, but it’s so delicious!

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If you don’t already have a VitaMix, I strongly encourage you to check out what this machine is capable of!  For more information about VitaMix you can go directly to the VitaMix website.   For free shipping, be sure to use: Coupon Code: 06-004166

Here is the ingredient list for this ‘non’ recipe – feel free to experiment with it!  If you have the Living Cookbook software, you can import the free recipe file by cutting and pasting it right into your program.

JimBob Juice in the VitaMix


Fruit Ingredients:
1/2 Frozen Pineapple (cored or not)
1 Frozen Banana (or you can use a fresh one)
1 Cup Frozen Strawberries (non-sweetened – not shown in the video above)
1 Orange
1 Slice Fresh Lemon (pith on, no outer peel)
1/2 Mango
1/2 Papaya
1/2 Lychee (doesn’t add any real flavor)

Optional Fruit Ideas:  Frozen Grapes, Apples, Lime, Pear, Lilikoi/Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Melons, etc…

Veggie Ingredients:
1/2 Head Green Leaf Lettuce
10 Fresh Green Beans
1/2 Fresh Cucumber
1/4 Fresh Beet (not shown in the video above)
1 Half Inch Cube of Ginger (ginger is a strong flavor, so use sparingly unless you like it strong)

Optional Veggie Ideas:  Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Carrots, etc… (just be sure to stay away from high fiber/pulp veggies like broccoli or Brussel sprouts – otherwise you’ll end up with Dirty Juice!)

Liquid Ingredients:
2 TBSP Unsweetened Apple Juice Concentrate
2 TBSP Unsweetened Grape Juice Concentrate
1 Cup Water
2 Cups Ice (use to taste/texture)


  1. In the VitaMix, add all ingredients in the container and top with water, then ice (start with less, and add more ice if needed as you go).  Start at Variable Speed 1 and slowly move to speed 10 as the mixture begins to puree.
  2. Bring the speed up to ‘High’ and use the tamper to push the frozen ingredients into the blades.  Remove the tamper and put the cap back on until the smoothie is… well, smooth!
  3. Bring the speed down at this point, turn off the VitaMix and you’re done!
  4. Serve as you would any smoothie and Enjoy!

Servings: 4-6
Yield: Approx 8 Cups

Ready In: Approx. 5 minutes


  • Fill any remaining mixture & toppings into Popsicle molds and freeze for later!
  • This recipe can be easily adapted for a 100% ‘Raw’ diet… just leave out the Juice Concentrates.

Feel free to send me any questions or comments you may have!  :-)


~ Erika


  1. says

    Thanks so much for the great ideas! We’ve been gradually “cleaning” up our diet when some recent health concerns with my twin were brought to our attention. Green smoothies have been a hit — but I hadn’t thought of adding the other veggies. I can’t wait to try it!!

    • says

      Hi Hope!

      Twins!? You must have your hands full! =)

      Tasty food that’s healthy is the best way to convince even the pickiest eaters to make a change in their diets… but sometimes the color is what people are afraid of! At least they are willing to drink the green smoothies!

      God Bless!
      ~ Erika

  2. Jane says

    How much did you pay him to say “more jimbob juice please” ;-)

    Seriously, tho I love the recipe. However, I think you’ll find that concentrated apple sauce and concentrated grape juice are processed products and almost as bad for you as refined sugar. Just sayin’.

    • says

      Hi Jane!

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, concentrated juices can be terrible for your blood sugar in great quantities. However, I only recommend using Organic Grape or Apple Juice Concentrates sparingly when you don’t have access to the fresh stuff.

      God Bless!
      ~ Erika

  3. Cindy says

    I am brand new to the Vitamix and the idea of raw foods. I just love your site and all your “recipes”
    The day before yesterday I tried the dirty juice for dinner and my husband and I loved it.
    This morning I made JimBob juice and it is soo yumm!!
    I really wante to try your 3GOP but need to get some grapefruit first!

    Do the beets need to be cooked first?

    I used apple juice instead of the water and concentrate, kiwi, orange, pinapple, pear, strawberries, green grapes, slice of lemon, 1/2 cucumber, handfull of spinach, slice of raw beet, slice of ginger. I ran out of room for the banana! LOL! Soo good and I love the red color!

    Nothing was frozen, so I added almost a whole tray of ice. I had to pour some out first!

    Thank you soo much – you make it easy and I’m not afraid to try new combos! When I follow recipes in the past like smoothies, the combos were always weird or I didnt have the key ingredient!
    I love my vitamix too!

    • says

      Hi Cindy!

      Thanks for your sweet comment! So excited about your new VitaMix! I’m glad you’re jumping in two feet first to start trying new recipes! I don’t cook any of my fruit before putting it into the blend… raw is best. Your version sounds delish!

      Enjoy & God Bless!
      ~ Erika

  4. Annie says

    HI there Erika,
    This is great… I use a Nutri bullet.. saving for a Vitamix.
    Do you buy the concentrate or do you make them?
    I am trying to go sugar free
    By the way, the lychee is not a lychee, it is a rambutan!

    • says

      Hi Annie!

      LOL! Thanks! Once I looked back at the video I realized my mistake. The inner fruits are so similar, but those Rambutan’s are hard to confuse with a Lychee – they’re like a hairy fruit from outer space! =)

      I don’t usually make any of my own fruit juice concentrates – since I use them so infrequently. I really do prefer fresh fruit when it’s available. However, Cascadian Farms makes some wonderful all natural, no sugar added Apple & Grape juice concentrates that you can use when fresh fruit isn’t available.

      God Bless!
      ~ Erika

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