Our General House Rules

The Super Nanny would be sooooo proud!  My husband and I sat down one night and hammered out a list of General House Rules we felt best suited our faith, personal convictions, as well as our family. 

One of the criteria for our list was that we wanted them to be Biblically accurate, realistic and something were willing to hold ourselves accountable to as well (Titus 2:7-8).  If we don’t model this for our children, then how can we possibly expect them to follow suit?

I will admit, I’ve broken more than a few of the rules myself… like ‘Interupting’ (I’m the Queen of Interrupting and it’s a nasty habit I hope doesn’t get passed on).  I’ve also been known to eat breakfast standing up while checking my email AND talking on my cell phone at the same time!  And since I’m being honest here… I do grumble and complain far more than I’d care to admit.

So without further ado…here they are!  Feel free to copy and use them for your family – most of ours are just copied right out of the Bible anyway.  :-)


JOY! = Jesus First, Others Second, Yourself Last

Order of Authority = Jesus & the Bible > Daddy > Mommy > Respected Elders > The Law (Ephesians 6:1-4 & Colossians 3:18-21)

  • Love & Forgive Each Other (Colossians 3:13)
  • Treat Everyone with Gentleness & Kindness (Galatians 5:22-23)
  • No Interrupting – Use Interrupt Rule (Child and/or adult place hand gently on person’s arm they’d like to say something to – waiting for the person to signal their turn to speak.  This is a ‘Baby Wise/Growing Kids God’s Way’  idea that we love!)
  • No Back Talking, Sassing or Disrespectful Tones – Respond Respectfully
  • No Bad / Naughty Words (Ephesians 4:29 & Ephesians 5:4)
  • No Lying, Cheating, Stealing (See all 10 Commandments – Exodus 20)
  • No Hitting, Pinching, Biting or Hurtful Physical Contact (Matthew 5:38-45 & Luke 6:27-31)
  • Even if You’re Just Playing, If Someone Asks You To Stop – Stop!
  • No Whining, Grumbling or Complaining (Philippians 2:14-15)
  • No Yelling, Screaming or Angry Loud Talking (Colossians 3:8 & Proverbs 14:29)
  • No Ball Throwing or Rough Play Inside House
  • All Food is to be Eaten at the Kitchen Table or Sitting Down
  • No Toys, Computers, Phones, Games, Etc… While Eating as a Family (Deuteronomy 11:19)
  • Always Clean-Up After Yourself and Return Things Where They Belong, In as Good or Better Condition than You Found It (Matthew 7:12)

I’m sure we’ve forgotten a couple of important rules… What kind of house rules to you use?  Where do you post them (ours is on the fridge)?  I’d love to hear your wisdom on this.

~ Erika


  1. debbie says

    keep up the good work. I’m new to your website, but I’ll be back. I really appreciate it. Be encouraged. I dont know how you do it, but you go girl. I’ve had a vitamixer for years and use it for shakes, recently started juicing, Im gonna try the dirty juice, it looks perfect. I have three kids. My son and myself are slightly anemic so thats what kicked off the beat,carrot, orange juicing.

  2. says

    So glad to hear our House Rules worked for your family too! The hardest part is enforcing them in love. =)

    God Bless!
    ~ Erika

  3. COURTNEY says

    We found this awhile back and really like it – we were reviewing these rules each morning before we started our day.

    The 21 Rules Of This House
    by Gregg Harris

    1. We obey God.
    2. We love, honor and pray for one another.
    3. We tell the truth.
    4. We consider one another’s interests ahead of our own.
    5. We speak quietly and respectfully with one another.
    6. We do not hurt one another with unkind words or deeds.
    7. When someone needs correction, we correct him in love.
    8. When someone is sorry, we forgive him.
    9. When someone is sad, we comfort him.
    10. When someone is happy, we rejoice with him.
    11. When we have something nice to share, we share it.
    12. When we have work to do, we do it without complaining.
    13. We take good care of everything that God has given us.
    14. We do not create unnecessary work for others.
    15. When we open something, we close it.
    16. When we take something out, we put it away.
    17. When we turn something on, we turn it off.
    18. When we make a mess, we clean it up.
    19. When we do not know what to do, we ask.
    20. When we go out, we act just as if we were in this house.
    21. When we disobey or forget any of the 21 Rules of This House, we accept the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (and our parents)

    • says

      Thanks Courtney! I love these!

      We re-worded our house rules a few months ago so there aren’t as many No’s & Don’ts in there. We replaced them with more positive words like Please Treat others Kindly & Please Sit Down When Eating. =) But I love the way yours are worded too… looks like we’ll be revising ours again!

      God Bless!
      ~ Erika

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