Easy Coconut Milk Yogurt Recipe

Easy Coconut Yogurt Recipe

The first time I made Homemade Coconut Milk Yogurt, I was kinda freaked out…”What if I create a pulsating blob of bad bacteria that my kids eat and get sick?” But, then I tried it and felt really silly for thinking I needed a lab coat or an iron gut.*  The truth is, making your… 

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Best Gluten Free Beef Jerky Recipe

Gluten Free Beef Jerky Recipe

When I think of eating Beef Jerky, I think of a bunch of cave men sitting around with their clubs, gnawing off a hunk of freshly killed dinosaur.  But in reality, I know Beef Jerky is an easy way to make a great protein packed, portable snack… which technically does requires a bit of gnawing…. 

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Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar Recipe

pure organic chocolate brownie bar recipe

When I’m on the go and get hungry, I am the most vulnerable for buying something I will regret eating later on.  One of my go-to snack bars when I’m out, is the Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar. It’s an average size bar, but with fabulous organic ingredients that really fill me up without making… 

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Gluten Free Zucchini Bread Recipe & Muffins

gluten free zucchini muffin recipe

Our new neighbors moved in a couple of weeks ago I wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood.  Not wanting to go empty handed, I picked up a jar of Homemade Sugar Free Strawberry Jam and a loaf of this Gluten Free Zucchini Bread to bring over. Normally it would be a horrible idea to bring your new neighbors… 

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Raw & Natural Fruit Roll-Ups Recipe

Natural Fruit Roll Up Recipe in VitaMix 01

I have 3 boys… which means not even 5 minutes after breakfast, they are pre-programed to start asking “Mommy, can we have a snack?” I swear you could feed them an entire cow and they’d be planning their next meal before the last bite is swallowed! Gosh how I love boys! =) Needless to say,… 

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Homemade Trail Mix Recipe

Homemade Trail Mix Recipe6

Sure it comes conveniently packaged in bags at Costco, or all ready to go in the bulk bin at your local supermarket… But let’s be honest, most of us don’t like at least one of the ingredients in the pre-made trail mix! Oh come now, you know you’ve eaten all the M&M’s out of the bag, and… 

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Best Kale Chip Recipe VitaMix & Dehydrator

Kale Chips

Yes, this recipe is so good, it should be labeled TOP SECRET!  But since my wonderful mother taught me to share, I’m going give away another one of our family’s all-time favorite recipes. You will need your secret decoder ring to decipher the recipe written in invisible ink… but be careful, this message with self-destruct… 

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Raw Corn Chips and Tostada Shells

raw corn chips and tostada shells

Sometimes you just feel like eating something crunchy… but without the guilt & that’s good for you too!  Pair these dehydrated corn chips with some guacamole or salsa and you have the perfect snack! This recipe is a great alternative for anyone following or transitioning into a raw food lifestyle!  It contains organic corn, no… 

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